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Prologis Park Boom consists of a modern logistics facility located in Industrial Park Krekelenberg I and a new logistics development of approximately 50,000 m², to be constructed in the adjacent located Industrial Park Krekelenberg II.

Boom DC1 has a total surface of approx. 41,000 m² and is divided over 4 units, located at the Industrieweg. One unit of approximately 7,515 m² of warehouse space and 380 m² of office space is immediately available. The warehouse building is a brownfield development which was constructed in 2008.

The property is a modern facility with a clear height of approximately 10 meters. The unit itself has 9 loading docks and is provided with a sprinkler installation.

Boom DC2 will be constructed on a plot of 7.8 ha. It will be a state of the art logistics facility, which will be constructed according to a ‘built-to-suit’ concept in order to incorporate specific requirements of the tenant. Building plans have been drafted for a facility that consists of 4 units of warehouse, office and mezzanine space, which can be leased separately. On site is sufficient space available for car and truck parking.

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Boom is situated in the middle of the Belgium logistics corridor between Antwerp and Brussels. Due to the proximity of the main ports in Antwerp and Rotterdam and the main European consumers markets in France and Germany, this region is considered as one of the most strategic location for European distribution activities.

The logistics activities in Boom are mainly located at the industrial park Krekelenberg I and II. The companies that are established at these parks are amongst others C&A, Staci, TNT Express, Essers and JVC.


Prologis Park Boom Location

prologis-park-boom-map2Boom is conveniently located between the city of Antwerp and Brussels with the Port of Antwerp at approximately 15 kilometers and Brussels International Airport at 35 kilometers. The Port of Antwerp is connected via the canal linking Antwerp, Brussels and Charleroi. Krekelenberg will have its own access road with a direct connection (N171) to the A12 motorway (Antwerp to Brussels). A connection between the A12 and the E19 has also been planned.

Bird´s eye view

Prologis Park Boom - Bird ́s-eye view


schiffANTWERP 15 km
flughavenBRU 35 km bahnRail terminal
1 km
lastkahnBarge terminal
1 km


DC 1

Prologis Park Boom Distribution Center 1

prologis park boom dc1 plan4

  Unit A Unit B Unit C Unit D TOTAL 
Warehouse 11,615 sqm 7,515 sqm 19,285 sqm --- 38,415 sqm 
Office 500 sqm 380 sqm 864 sqm 671 sqm 2,415 sqm 
Total 12,115 sqm 7,895 sqm 20,149 sqm 671 sqm 40,830 sqm 


Prologis Park Boom Outline Specifications DC 1


Dimensions of approx. 114,3 x 68,8 m

Approx. 10 meter clear height, concrete and steel frame

Column grid approx. 31,8 x 12,8 m

Concrete slab steel reinforced 5,000 kg/sqm floor loading capacity

Floor flatness designed according to 5mm/2m (TV 204 from WTCB)

9 electric dock doors (3 x 3 m) with bumpers, electric levellers 60 kN dynamic load, shelters

1 electric overhead doors (4 x 4,5 m)

Smoke vents, EFSR sprinkler and fire-alarm system

Roof insulation PIR 55 mm, wall insulation 50 mm PU (Isolexbeton panels) in combination glass wool 100 mm (facade cladding)

Gas fired heaters to 18°C with outside temperature of –5°C

Average lighting of 200 lux at a height of 1m before the installation of racks and average lighting of 250 lux at a height of 1m at expedition area


Concrete floor 250 kg/sqm floor loading capacity (1st floor prestressed hollow concrete slabs without finishes)

Mechanical ventilation to sanitary rooms and offices

Heating/cooling system room temperature 21°C with outside temperature of –5°C to 28°C

Sprinkler system and emergency lighting in offices

Average lighting of 500 lux in offices at ground floor

System ceiling in offices at ground floor

Ceramic floor tiles at ground floor and in sanitary rooms


18 m concrete slab at truck court bearing 60 tons according to WTCB

1,8 m fence with barbed wire on top

Asphalt in truck zone and in passenger vehicle areas


Prologis Park Boom Distribution Center 2


Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 TOTAL
Warehouse 10,560 sqm 11,285 sqm 11,285 sqm 12,490 sqm
45,620 sqm
Office  525 sqm 240 sqm 240 sqm
 215 sqm  1,220 sqm
Mezzanine  720 sqm 725 sqm 725 sqm 520 sqm 2,690 sqm
Total 11,805 sqm 12,250 sqm 12,250 sqm 13,229 sqm 49,534 sqm


Prologis Park Boom Outline Specifications DC 2


Minimum clear height of 10.80 or 12.20 m.

Steel or concrete building frame; struc- ture design reference period 50 yrs

Overhead doors 3 nos. electrical (4m x 4.5m)

Loading docks 34 nos. electrically operated doors and levellers (6t dyna- mic load, 10t static load), equipped with weather shelters and buffers, doors with vision panel.

Loading pit (concrete) in front of pit 20 mtr. horizontal slope app.12 mtr. Depth of pit 1.20 mtr below floor level building.

Uniform floor loading capacity of 5,000 kg/sqm and a maximum rack leg load of 7,000 kg/sqm.

Concrete floor, avarage flatness of “Zeile 4” according to DIN 18202.

Fire doors/walls according to local regulations

Insulation value of Rc = 2.5 sqm K/W for the roof and façade

Maximum air leakage of the warehouse shell: 3 sqm/h/sqm

Mezzanine along front elevation, approx. 12m deep, level +5.25m. Mezzanine to be used for light storage, permissible floor load of 500 kg/sqm. Including perimeter railing, emergency stairs and concrete floor screed.

Strip of windows along front elevation for daylight access to warehouse and mezzanine.


Certified ESFR roof-net sprinkler system in warehouse according to regulations.

Fire alarm and evacuation alarm in warehouse and office, fire hoses, emergency lighting as per regulations.

Smoke vents in roof distribution centre according to regulations.


Energy efficient T5 lighting: Minimum lighting level in warehouse 200 Lux; average lighting level in order-picking area 250 Lux; measured +1.0m FFL

Battery charge points with battery charge electrical connection points.


Main office pod in 2 levels, with open plan offices on both floors. Second floor at mezzanine level.

Ventilation system top cooling according the specification

Minimum lighting to 400 Lux on
1 meter with fully-recessed fluores- cent fixtures with low brightness louvers

Pantry with sink, fridge, kitchen block (one per floor)


2m high security fencing and electrical operating sliding gates.

Car park for 168 cars paved. Truck-parking on site

Flag poles, Provision for exterior corporate signage.

Outside lighting:
Roads and parking 20 Lux Loading area and entrance 75 Lux



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