prologis park willebroek dc1

Prologis Park Willebroek

Prologis Park Willebroek

The site is located directly at the Sea Canal Antwerp-Brussels, connecting the Port of Antwerp with the city of Brussels and all the industrial parks in between. The inland container terminal of Willebroek, operated by ECT is within 4 km from the site.


Prologis Park Willebroek - Location

Prologis Park Willebroek is located in Industrial Park Willebroek-Zuid, 2 km from the A12 motorway and right of the N16 expressway towards the A1/E19 which is 5 km away. Willebroek is situated at a distance of 25 km from the Port of Antwerp and 25 km from the Brussels International Airport. The Port of Antwerp is connected by water via the sea canel Antwerp-Brussels- Charleroi.

Prologis Park Willebroek is located in Industrial Park Willebroek-Zuid and can be reached via exit Willebroek-Zuid/Mechelen on the A12 motorway within 2 minutes. The site is along the N16 motorway directly at the sea canel. On the N16 take exit Tisselt at the roundabout.

Prologis Park Willebroek can also be reached via exit 9 Mechelen Noord/ Willebroek on the A1/E19 motorway. Follow the N16 towards St. Niklaas and take exit Tisselt at the 2nd roundabout.

Bird's eye view

Prologis Park Willebroek - Bird's-eye view

prologis park willebroek birdsview

DC 1

Prologis Park Willebroek DC1


 Warehouse 16,230 sqm 18,262 sqm 34,492 sqm 
 Office 800 sqm --- 800 sqm 
 Total sqm 17,030 sqm 18,262 sqm 35,292 sqm 



Prologis Park Willebroek Specifications DC1 A/B


· Minimum clear height of 10.6 m
· Concrete building frame, wooden
  laminated girders
· General building column bay
  spacing of approximately
  12 m x 22/24 m
· Certified ESFR K14 roof-net
  sprinkler system in warehouse
· 34 nos. electrical loading docks
  (1 per 1.000 m2)
· 2 nos. level access door 4m x 4.5m
  (1 per DC)
· Average floor loading capacity of
  5.000 kg/m² and a point load of
  6.000 kg on a 10 x 15 cm rack leg
· Average floor flatness of Zeile 4
  (DIN 18202) – 5 mm under 2 m
· Central gas heating to 15°C with
  outside temp of -10°C
· Minimum lighting level 200 lux in
  open space 1 m above floor
· Fire alarm system; smoke vents in
· Insulation value of 2.5 of the roof
  and façade (Rc=2.5 m²K/W)
· Concrete wheel guides to protect
  loading docks
· Concrete panel cladding (height
  3.6 m) at loading docks (front
· Battery charge room 250m²
  (excluding charging equipment)


· External office pod in 2 levels
  (2 x 400m²)
· Rooms (10 showers, 10 toilets,
  5 urinoirs), locker rooms (excluding
  lockers), canteen for 130 people in
  2 shifts (2 x 65) included in offices.
· Mechanical ventilation
· Central gas heating to 21°C with
  outside temperature of -10°C and
  wind velocity of 7 m/sec
· Minimum lighting to 400 lux on
  1 meter
· Office will have a STAGO
  asymmetric wall duct with
  3 compartments, 170 mm height,
  with vacant provision for phone and
  data cabling and provide 240V
  double power outlets each 1.80 m
· Male and female toilet facilities on
  each floor with concealed cisterns,
  hand basins fixed into vanity units,
  mirrors, full height ceramic tile.
· Pantry with sink, fridge, kitchen
  block (one per floor)
· Ceramic floor tile in reception area.


· 2 m high security fencing an
  manually operating sliding gates
· 3 entrances/exits (1 for cars, 1 for
  trucks and 1 for trucks and cars)
· Loading pit is suitable for incoming
  and outgoing standard European
  trucks according to EVO advice
· Concrete slab in truck court, other
  paving is asphalt
· Approx. 190 car parking on the site
· The front of the façade of the truck
  cout has an average lighting to
  10 lux
· Flag poles


Prologis Sander Breugelmans 150pxSANDER BREUGELMANS
Vice President Transaction Officer

Tel.  +31 (0) 20 797 19 31
GSM +31 (0) 6 296 007 96
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Prologis Marijn Van den Heuvel 150pxMARIJN VAN DEN HEUVEL
Director Leasing Officer

Tel.  +31 (0) 20 655 19 45
GSM +31 (0) 6 110 324 07
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