Prologis Park Eemhaven

Prologis Park Eemhaven

Prologis Park Eemhaven, strategically located at Distripark Waalhaven/Eemhaven in the Port of Rotterdam, consists of seven state-of-the-art distribution facilities, including offices and mezzanine floors totalling approximately 130,000 m².

The distribution centres are particularly well suited for use as a single large distribution centre, or can be divided into smaller units.

The location provides container and general cargo port specifically designed to service companies’ transshipment requirements. Almost 40% of the quay length in the entire port of Rotterdam is located in this area and approximately one third of containers handled are transshipped in Waalhaven/Eemhaven. Several international companies including Maersk, Geodis Logistics, Geodis Wilson, Neele-Vat, VCK, Ziegler and Nippon Express already operate from Eemhaven.

Port of Rotterdam

All users of Prologis Park Eemhaven benefit from a direct connection to Europe’s largest container terminal and its easy access to the rest of Europe via major roads, rail and inland waterway links. Distripark Eemhaven is also adjacent to the deepsea terminals which enable fast and efficient onward shipments by regular short-sea and feeder services.

Rotterdam is Europe’s largest logistic and industrial hub. The port is the gateway to a European market of 450 million consumers. More than 500 scheduled services link Rotterdam with over 1000 ports worldwide. In 2010 some 430 million tons of cargo were handled.


Prologis Park Eemhaven Location

prologis-park-eemhaven-map2Located in Distripark Waalhaven/Eemhaven, Prologis Park Eemhaven has immediate access to the A15 motorway (Maasvlakte-Ridderkerk), and is 15 minutes away from the A16 motorway which links Rotterdam to Antwerp. Prologis Park Eemhaven is directly adjacent to the ECT and Uniport container terminals and in close proximity to the Rail service Centre which offers excellent tri-modal European hinterland connections. Rotterdam Airport is approximately 15 minutes away by road, providing excellent national and international connections.


Prologis Park Eemhaven - Bird's-eye view


schiffAmsterdam 80 km
Antwerp 98 km
flughavenRTM 18 km
AMS 70 km
bahnRail terminal
1 km
lastkahnBarge terminal
1 km


DC 1

Prologis Park Eemhaven Distribution Center 1

prologis park eemhaven dc1 plan2

3,762 sqm
3,969 sqm
4,090 sqm 11,821 sqm 
--- 1,029 sqm
--- 1,029 sqm 
Total net sqm 3,762 sqm 4,998 sqm 4,090 sqm 12,850 sqm 


Prologis Park Eemhaven Outline Specifications DC 1


Minimum clear height of 8 m

Steel building frame

General column bay spacing of 13.6 m x 11.2 m

12 nos. electrical loading docks and provisions in structure for 4 additional docks; sectional doors (3.3 x 3.2 m) and levellers (2.1 x 2.75 m) are manually operated

2 nos. level access door (3.3 x 3.8 m)

Minimum floor loading capacity of 2500 kg/m²

Average floor flatness of Zeile 2

Central gas heating to 10 ºC with outside temp. of –10 ºC and wind velocity of 8 m/sec

Minimum lighting level 150 Lux measured on 1 meter above floor in empty warehouse (without racks)

Insulation value Rc of 1.74 of the roof and 2.13 of the façade (in m²K/W)

Concrete wheel guides to protect loading docks

30 cm concrete curb around interior perimeter

Warehouse is divided into 3 halls by two fire resistant walls; one wall has two sliding fire doors (4 x 3.8 m); one wall has one sliding fire door

Skylights (3% of roof area)

14 nos. battery charge connections (380V)


Offices in 2 levels; depth 7.5 m on ground floor and varying from 7.5 to 11.9 m on first floor

Mechanical ventilation in offices (3-fold extraction capacity)

Central gas heating to 20 ºC with outside temperature of –10 ºC and wind velocity of 8 m/sec

Minimum lighting to 400 Lux on 1 meter with fully-recessed fluorescent fixtures with low brightness louvers

Power ducts at perimeter with provision for phone and data cabling and providing 240V power outlets

Male and female toilet facilitieson each floor

Changing room on ground floor

Canteen with kitchenette

Separate drivers entrance and drivers canteen

Double glass windows


37 m truck court

2 m high security fencing and 2 manually operating sliding gates

Loading pits is suitable for incoming and outgoing standard European trucks according to EVO advice


Paving of concrete slabs in truck pit, 10 cm concrete pavers in truck zone and passenger vehicle areas

Ample car and truck parking on site

DC 9

Prologis Park Eemhaven Distribution Center 9

prologis park eemhaven dc9 1

Warehouse 6,433 sqm 4,732 sqm 11,165 sqm 
Mezzanine --- 438 sqm 438 sqm 
Office 1,249 sqm 237 sqm 1,486 sqm 
Total  7,682 sqm 5,407 sqm 13,089 sqm 
JUNE 2018


Prologis Park Eemhaven Outline Specifications DC 9


Clear height: 10.7 m

Column-grid: 13.25 x 21.4 m

Mezzanine: 10 m deep, above loading doors

Structural frame: Steel

Floor load: Warehouse 30 kN/m², mezzanine 5 KN/m²

Floor flatness “Zeile 3” (DIN 18202)

Heating: Gas heaters (15°C with outside temp. of -10°C)

Lighting: Energy efficient TL lighting, 230 lux

Natural day light: Windows along mezzanine and Skylights

Dock doors: Total 19 (13/6) electric doors, 2.5 x 3.0 m with leveler

Overhead doors: Total 3 (2/1) electric overhead doors, 4.0 x 4.5 m

Year of construction: 2008


Fire alarm and evacuation alarm

Sprinkler system: Certified EFSR

Fire hoses and emergency lighting


Floor load: 2,5 KN/m²

Ventilation: Mechanical ventilation with Air conditioning

Heating: Central gas heating

Lighting: Energy efficient TL lighting, 400 lux

Sanitary facilities: Male and female facilities on each floor

Kitchenette: With sink, fridge and kitchen block on each floor


Car parking: 60 car parking’s

Truck parking: 6 truck parking’s

Truck court: 23/38 m deep

Fencing: 2 m high steel bars fence

Gates: 1 electrical sliding gate

Specific: Located along the A15 highway


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