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Prologis Park Tilburg is located in the large scale Industrial Park Vossenberg West II and encloses 13 ha of land with a possibility to build out approximately 80,000 m² state-of-the-art and sustainable distribution centre. This distribution centre can easily be divided into units from approximately 11,000 m² with a clear height of 12.2 m and an optional mezzanine above the loading area. The size and location of the offices are flexible and can be determined in consultation with the needs of the customer.

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Tilburg is situated on the Wilhelmina Canal and has two barge terminals creating a direct connection to the Port of Rotterdam. The new barge terminal located at Vossenberg II opened at the beginning of 2013 and is in the immediate proximity of Prologis Tilburg DC4.

Tilburg has a Rail Distribution Center for transport goods, which is able to accommodate trains of up to 600 meters in length. The city continues to invest in its rail connections. Noord-Brabant is served by Eindhoven Airport, which has experienced continuous growth in recent years and has become the largest regional airport in the Netherlands. This tri-modal connection ensures a well-established and efficient connection to Rotterdam.


Prologis Park Tilburg - Location

prologis-park-tilburg-map3Tilburg is one of the Netherlands’ logistics hot spots due to its strategic location close to the north-south and the east-west corridor. The city has excellent transport links by land, freight and waterways. It can be easily accessed from all directions and is complemented by an excellent road system including the peripheral road A261; the A27 motorway, which connects the north and south, and the A58 motorway, a major arterial route connecting Rotterdam Harbour and the Belgian Port of Antwerp with the Ruhr Valley region in Germany. Additionally, Tilburg is served by rail and barge terminals.

Bird´s eye view

Prologis Park Tilburg - Bird ́s-eye view

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flughavenRTM 85 km
AMS 115 km
BRU 120 km
bahnRail terminal
5 km
lastkahnBarge terminal
0 km

 Prologis Park Tilburg - Infographic


DC 4

Prologis Park Tilburg Distribution Center 4

prologis park tilburg dc4 plan2

  Unit A Unit B Unit C Unit D Unit E Unit F Unit G Unit H TOTAL 
 Warehouse 10,926 m²
10,926 m² 10,926 m² 10,926 m² 10,926 m² 10,926 m²
10,926 m²
10,926 m²
87,408 m²
 Mezzanine  (optional)
1,210 m²
1,035 m² 1,035 m² 1,210 m² 1,210 m² 1,035 m²
1,035 m²
1,210 m² 8,980 m²
 Office 744 m²
 175 m² 175 m² 744 m² 744 m² 175 m²
175 m²
744 m²
3,676 m²
 Total 12,880 m²
 12,136 m² 12,136 m² 12,880 m² 12,880 m² 12,138 m²
12,136 m²
12,880 m²
100,064 m²
 Total available


Prologis Park Tilburg Outline Specifications DC 4


12.2 m clear height, steel frame

General column bay spacing of 12 x 22 m

10 no. electrical loading docks per unit

1 no. level access door per unit (4.0 m x 4.5 m)

Floor loading capacity of 5,000 kg/sqm and a maximum rack leg load of 6000 kg/sqm

Floor flatness according to DIN 18202, table 3, line 4, order picking area according to DIN 18202, table 3, line 4.

Heating with individual gas units to possible 12°C with outside temperature -10°C

Power saving reflector lamps, energy efficient T5 Eco fluorescent lamps – average light intensity 200 lux in warehouse and 250 lux in order picking area (+1.0 m FFL)

Fire alarm system, fire extinguisher cabinets and evacuation alarm system: in compliance with fire protection requirements. Separation wall elements according to fire regulations.

ESFR K25 ceiling-sprinkler according to NFPA/FM-Global

Optional mezzanine along front elevation, approx. 11 m deep, level 5.25 m. floor loading capacity of 500 kg/m2


Main office pods in 2 levels, mechanical ventilation with energy efficient heat recovery system combined with top cooling.

Profiled flat-/valve radiators, step less thermostat valves according to the local work place legislation and infrared heaters.

Power saving grid lamps, energy efficient T5 fluorescent lamps – average light intensity 500 lux with daylight sensor along window side, 250 lux entrance area, 100 lux stairs (+1.0 m FFL)

Ceramic floor tiles 30x30 cm in reception, corridors, stairs and social rooms

Ceramic floor tiles 15x15 cm in sanitary facilities, all with a skirting board h=5 cm

Double power outlet each 1.800 mm in cable ducts along outside wall

Ceiling: suspended mineral-fiber plate ceiling 60x60 cm or 120x60 cm.

Fire alarm system, fire extinguisher cabinets and evacuation alarm system: in compliance with fire protection requirements

Kitchenette: connections provided for installations made by the tenant

Male and female toilet facilities


Fencing: mesh-wire fence h=2.00 m with 4 electrical entrance gates (width 10 m) with staff entrance door.

3 flagpoles in front of offices

Loading area: 1,20 m FFL warehouse, concrete, asphalt or cobblestones, suitable for heavy loads SLW 60, max slope of 4%

Ample car and truck parking

Landscaping: according to the requirements of the zoning plan

Bicycle shed


Energy efficient T5 Eco fluorescent lamps

BREEAM certification

Minimum requirement for air-tightness 3.0 m³


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