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Prologis Park Bergen op Zoom is located at the Noordland/Theodorushaven Industrial Park. The park comprises a logistics platform with excellent road connections to the German Ruhr region, the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Antwerp via the A58 and A4 motorways. The Port of Rotterdam is connected via the Rhine-Schelde canal. The A4 motorway from Rotterdam to Antwerp will soon be extended to Bergen op Zoom, thereby creating a direct connection from the park to these two major harbors. The first phase of the extension is already completed.

A container barge terminal is also scheduled to be built at Noordland Industrial Park to further improve the multi-modal transport infrastructure of the area. Distribution Centre Bergen op Zoom can be divided into units of approximately 6,000 square metres with a clear height of 10.8 metres or 12.2 metres. This provides customers with flexible solutions as well as ample and secure on-site parking for both passenger cars and trucks.

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Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom

Bergen op Zoom has emerged as one of the most attractive locations within logistic hotspot “Western Brabant Area“ due to its excellent location from which approximately 40 million consumers can be reached in under four hours. Industrial Park Noordland is situated beside the Rhine-Schelde canal, giving customers a bi-modal transport solution by water or by road. Given today’s road congestion and its environmental impact, bi-modal solutions are increasingly viewed by the business community as a necessary factor in determining supply chain requirements.

Bergen op Zoom has well-equipped harbor facilities which can accommodate vessels of up to four metres. Due to increasing activity in the harbour, a new and modern container barge terminal is planned in the near future. This new terminal will enable larger ships to enter Bergen op Zoom more efficiently.


Prologis Park Bergen op Zoom - Location

prologis-park-bergen-mapBergen op Zoom is situated alongside the A58 motorway, 30 kilometres from the Port of Antwerp and 60 kilometres from the Port of Rotterdam. With the future connection of the new A4 highway, Bergen op Zoom will be an excellent location situated between the two major ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.
Prologis Park Bergen op Zoom is located in the Noordland Industrial Park and can be reached via exit 27 on the A58 motorway. Bergen op Zoom, Haven Zuid and the Noordland Industrial Park are all within five minutes drive of the A58 motorway.

Bird´s eye view

Prologis Park Bergen op Zoom - Bird ́s-eye view


schiffANTWERP 30 km
flughavenAMS 130 km
BRU 85 km
bahnNS Station
3 km
lastkahnBarge terminal
1 km

Prologis Park Bergen op Zoom - Infographic


DC 1

Prologis Park Bergen op Zoom Distribution Center 1



Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 TOTAL
Warehouse area
13,136 sqm 11,020 sqm 13,220 sqm 13,136 sqm 50,512 sqm
Office 480 sqm 660 sqm  660 sqm  440 sqm  2,240 sqm
Mezzanine (optional)  892 sqm  893 sqm  1,118 sqm  896 sqm  3,799 sqm
Total 14,508 sqm 12,573 sqm 14,998 sqm 14,472 sqm 56,551 sqm


Prologis Park Bergen op Zoom Outline Specifications DC1


10.8 m or 12.2 m clear height, steel frame

General column bay spacing of approximately 12 x 22 m sprinkler system in warehouse

1 no. electrical loading dock per 1,000 sqm warehouse area

1 no. level access doors per unit (4.0 m x 4.5 m)

Floor loading capacity of 4,000 kg/m2 and a maximum rack leg load of 6,000 kg

Average floor flatness of zeile 4 (DIn 18202) - 5 mm under 2m screed

Heating with individual gas units to

13°C with outside temperature -10°C

Energy efficient t5 lighting: average lighting level 200 Lux in warehouse and average lighting level in order-picking area of 250 Lux measured +1.0m FFL

Fire alarm and evacuation alarm, inclusive a fire alarm panel, fire hoses, emergency lighting as per regulations

Certified eSfR K14 roof-net

Insulation value of 2.5 for the roof and façade (Rc = 2.5sqm K/W)

Battery charge area with battery charge electrical connection points (1 per 1,000 sqm warehouse area)

Optional mezzanine along front elevation, approx. 12 m deep, level +5.25 m. floor loading capacity of 500 kg/sqm


Main office pod in 2 levels, mechanical ventilation

Central gas heating to 21°C with outside temperature of -10°C

Top cooling in offices

Minimum lighting to 400 Lux on

1 meter with fully-recessed fluorescent fixtures with low brightness louvers

Power at perimeter and in wall ducts, with vacant provision for phone and data cabling

Male and female toilet facilities on each floor

Pantry with sink, fridge, kitchen block (one per floor)

Ceramic floor tile in reception area

Fire alarm and evacuation alarm, fire hoses, emergency lighting as per regulations

False ceiling


2 m high security fence with 2 manually operating sliding gates (width 10 m)

Loading pit is suitable for incoming and outgoing standard european trucks according to EVO advice, semi-hardened fire road at rear of building

Landscaping: as required. non paved areas sown in with grass.
Shrubs around office block

Paving with heavy-duty 100 mm
concrete slabs in truck zone, 80 mm concrete slabs in passenger vehicle areas

Energy efficient lighting system

Low usage water systems


Air-tightness of building

Optional solar or photovoltaic panels on roof and/or wind energy

BREEAM certification


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