Prologis Park Utrecht

Prologis Park Utrecht


Prologis Park Utrecht is strategically located at Lage Weide industrial park and consists of two state-of-the-art distribution facilities, including offices and mezzanine floors totalling approximately 38,000 m². This prime industrial park provides an inland barge terminal that is situated approximately 2 km south. The Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are at approximately 60 km and 35 km respectively from Utrecht DC1. Prologis Park Utrecht is situated at a unique juncture of highways in the center of the Netherlands.


Prologis Park Utrecht - Location

prologis park utrecht mapThe Lage Weide industrial park has two direct entrances/exists onto the A2 (Amsterdam-Eindhoven) motorway. The A2 connects to the A12 (towards Rotterdam) and A27 (towards Antwerp) motorways.

Bird´s eye view

Prologis Park Utrecht - Bird ́s-eye view

prologis park utrecht birdsview

DC 2

Prologis Park Utrecht DC2

prologis park utrecht dc2 plan

 Warehouse   14,474 sqm 14,474 sqm 
 Office   609 sqm 609 sqm 
 Total sqm   15,083 sqm 15,083 sqm 
JUNE 2018


Prologis Park Utrecht Specifications DC2


· Height: 8.5 m
· Clear height: 8.0 m
· Column-grid: 15,0 x 20,0 m
· Structural frame: Steel
· Insulation : Facade Rc = 2.13 m²
  K/W, roof Rc = 1.74 m² K/W
· Floor load: Warehouse 25 kN/m²
· Floor flatness “Zeile 3” (DIN 18202)
· Heating : Gas heaters (12°C with
  outside temp. of -10°C)
· Lighting: T5 fluorescent TL lighting,
  200 lux
· Natural day light: In facade
· Dock doors: 20 doors, 3.2 x 3.0 m
  with leveller
· Overhead doors: 1 electric
  overhead doors, 3.2 x 3.8 m
· Specific: Intercom in warehouse
· Fire alarm and evacuation alarm
· Sprinkler system
· Fire houses and emergency
  lighting: Yes
· Specific: Own sprinkler basin


· Floor load: 2,5 KN/m²
· Ventilation: Mechanical
· Heating: Central gas heating
· Cooling: Air conditioning split units
· Lighting: T5 fluorescent TL, 400 lux
· Sanitary facilities: Male and female
  facilities on each floor
· Kitchenette: With sink, fridge and
  kitchen block on each floor.
  Dishwasher and microwave on the
  first floor
· Specific: Kitchenette with
  dishwasher and microwave on the
  first floor


· Car parking: 15 + 60 car parkings
· Truck parking: None but possible on
  the outside parking places of the
· Truck court: 30 m deep
· Fencing: 2.2 m high steel bars
· Gates: 1 manual door
· Bicycle shed: Yes


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